2 Important things you need to know before getting a website

If you are new to all this Website development thing, this video is for you.

It saddens me to hear how many business owners out there who were taken advantage by agencies because they have no idea of these two things.

Business owners, the two things that you need to know before you build a website are:

1. Your Domain (Website Url)


In the video, I used the analogy of the car. Your website domain is  the “registration plate” for your business.

It will be the address that people will enter in their browser to go to your website. 

How it works is that you will check the availability of the domain name before you can purchase it. 

The cost?

If it is your first domain, the fee is as low as $3.99 USD. Sometimes its $0.99 USD. Once one year has passed the renewal fee is usually $12.00 USD.

Yes, it’s that cheap!

2. Your Host Server

Your host server is the “vehicle” that you will put your license plate on.  It’s the place that your developer will build (Host) your website on.

Here you have two choices:

a) Get your own server
b) Rent a space in your developer’s Server

We would recommend getting your own server because its much safer and is better for long term growth. 

The cost? A good server, bluehost costs around $6USD per month, That’s about $72USD a year. 

I hope this article shed light on your pursuit to get a trustable and reputable website development agencies. So if the agencies charge you anything way more than those figures,

You know they are taking advantage of you.

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