The 5 Pillars of A High Converting Webpage

Lately, I’ve been receiving a few messages from my readers, asking the same question.  “Fitri” they say, “You seem to know a lot about these high converting web pages. Is there any secret to it? What’s the underlying principle?” The truth is there isn’t any fancy secrets. I got to know a few underlying marketing […]

7 Ways Your Website Can Be Profitable For Your Business

So you wanna learn how to have a website that makes you money? Well, this article is for you! Errr… before you start getting crazy, let me step you back into the reality of building a website that works.  The Mindset You Need I don’t blame you if you think your website is just….. a website. […]

Secret behind million-dollar websites

Do you know that all major websites share ONE thing in common… When I say major websites, I mean the big boys… Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, and Facebook. Before I dive deep into the commonalities, I want you to look at these above-fold sections: Spotify 2. Dropbox 3. Netflix  4. Facebook  Here’s the secret…They figured this […]

Landing Clients With Landing Pages

If you are not REAPING the benefits of a landing page, this short article is for you But before that, “A Well-Built Landing Page makes you money when you are asleep” ….they collect a database of your potential clients ……they convince your prospects to get something from you ………they show your credibility without you having […]

How Do You Storytell via A Website?

At Website Artisan, we are always fascinated by how powerful a landing page can be if done right. Just like this one. In this case, this one-page landing page helped our client doubled his revenue and scaled his business. If you have a service and it is the bread and butter of your business, prepare a […]

How to write a GOOD headline on your website

Ummm…hi! First, thanks for support you guys gave for the previous articles. Here’s another one that I thought I’d share with all you…Especially you! fellow business owners. When I first started, this was the copy that I wrote as the headline on my website “Delivering Custom Web Solutions for your needs” Sounds fancy, isn’t it? […]

How to Stop Losing Potential Sales On Your Website

The way you write the headline on your website can dramatically (like….DRA-MA-TICALLY) change the outcome.   You see, your website is no different from any marketing piece, it has words and pictures that people have to go through.  Before they decide whether this thing (which in this case) is the website, is FOR them or NOT […]