How Do You Storytell via A Website?

At Website Artisan, we are always fascinated by how powerful a landing page can be if done right.

Just like this one.

In this case, this one-page landing page helped our client doubled his revenue and scaled his business.

If you have a service and it is the bread and butter of your business, prepare a pen an paper as I’m going to break down this website and explain to you our thought process when it comes to coming up with this page.


1. The Above-the-fold Content

No alt text provided for this image

3 key things here:

1. People must know what your website is about in the first 3 -5 seconds upon landing on your page

Notice that in the photo above, we explicitly wrote: “Get Better Photos for Your Graduation Day”.

And we used photos of real people graduating to support that statement.

2. You must be able to convey what’s unique about your service at this part. Whatever your USP is, make sure you tell/give a hint about it here

We utilized the subheading to explain what is unique. In this case, it was stated that we helped you get better photos to post on social media etc….at an affordable cost!

3. Clear, direct Call-to-Action. Otherwise, you’ll risk of people leaving the website because they don’t know where to click & what to do next.

The “Book My Slot” the obviously the ONLY button that we want people to click

Nothing else.

2. The Villain

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You see, every good story should have a villain.

Noticed how bland a superhero movie can get if there is no villain in the picture.

So, we identified the villain to be the “Traditional Graduation Photographer” and created this section to “get people” on our side.

Well…not really to convince them to join our side.

Deep down, we already know that they are frustrated with the “Villain”, who are charging a lot of money for just a normal photo that everybody can take.

So we just call these people out.

3. Social Proof

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Very straightforward, this is where you explain that you, as the solution, has been there and helped people who are experiencing the same problem.

Some of you might say:

“…But fitri, written testimonials don’t work anymore these days”

Yes, this is why we put this section right below it.

No alt text provided for this image

It does two things:

  • It shows that you are not just talking BS about the “solution” that you offer
  • Show them, “Look, these are the things that you might miss out if you don’t go with us..”

4. Packages

No alt text provided for this image

Pretty self-explanatory. We included the pricing because we don’t want people to go back and forth asking us what’s the price etc.

5. Risk Reversal Strategy

No alt text provided for this image

Then, we tell them,

Look if you don’t like your photos, you can let us know…We’ll refund your money

This is how we reversed the risk of doing business with us. Instantly, booking your slot becomes a no brainer offer.

6. A little Backstory to establish rapport

No alt text provided for this image

Here we included a short story of the founder and how he came about with this offer.

The goal? Is to establish that “Hey, we’ve been there and we know how frustrating it is…Therefore, we don’t want you to go through the same thing”

7. Action Plan

No alt text provided for this image

Here, we tell people that doing business is not that difficult.

So we laid out a simple step-by-step to guide them to “book their slot”

Noticed how we included an element of scarcity in the headline?

8. Book Now

No alt text provided for this image

This is where tech comes in handy.

Here, the customers were able to pick their slots, fill up their details and set a calendar reminder.

Not only this eases up the signup process, but the booking infrastructure also saved our client a LOT of time.

Because things are now automated.

9. The results?

The results are phenomenal. The clients sold out all the slots within 3 days and this page has helped him doubled his revenue.

Here’s a short video testimonial of our client:


So yeah, that’s how you can story tell on your website and when done right can be a gamechanger for your business.

If you are a service-based entrepreneur/business and you are struggling with getting leads/converting traffic on your website, you can send me a message or email me at

Here’s to helping you build a kickass website!

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