How to Stop Losing Potential Sales On Your Website

The way you write the headline on your website can dramatically (like….DRA-MA-TICALLY) change the outcome.  

You see, your website is no different from any marketing piece, it has words and pictures that people have to go through. 

Before they decide whether this thing (which in this case) is the website, is FOR them or NOT for them. 

My fellow LinkedIn-ers, what if you could improve the time spent on your website by 25%? Would that mean an increase in your potential “conversion rate”?  

…and 25% is an extremely conservative estimate. The results that I’ve seen are usually 75% to 300% improvements.  

That’s the intention of this writing: To help you utilize good copy on your website so you don’t leave any money on the table…and tell you how we can help

Typically, people associate copywriting only with social media writing and advertisements, but that’s a serious mistake. You should apply the rules and psychology of copywriting onto your website.

Especially at your main page.

Just take a look at these two versions of a webpage.

No alt text provided for this image

Version 1

“Digital Marketing Agency | Branding | Interactive Platforms”

We create innovative and effective handcrafted Digital Marketing Campaigns.

[View Our Works]

No alt text provided for this image

Version 2

“Viral Digital Marketing Campaigns That Get People Talking About You”

We help fashion brands create wildly viral digital marketing campaigns that are proven to generate on average 350% ROI

[Book A Discovery Call]

What do you see?

Which one are you most likely to click if you happen to be a fashion brand owner?

Yeppp…you guess it right!

Version 2! 

Not only you UNDERSTOOD CLEARLY what is the website about, but you also know WHAT TO DO if you are interested.


 Now I’m pretty sure that you are ALREADY doing some sort of copywriting work with your business. Imagine if your website becomes your “sales letter”, rather than just a mere page with a bunch of information about you.

  • How much more effective your marketing would be?  
  • How many more visitors you would be able to convert?


  • How many more visitors are you going to just let go simply because you were not able to catch their attention and pique their interest with your copy?

Well, this happens to be the specialty skill we’ve been paid for over the years at website artisan:

Turning a normal webpage into one that works!

There’s 2 ways we teach people how to do this:

1.) The free way (for people just getting started): 

I make it a promise to myself that I’ll share more articles to teach you guys about the stuff that we’ve learned over the past few years.  

My articles may not be written in the most polished English, but I put hella effort into writing them, and I believe you can learn A LOT from them.  

2.) The paid way (for people who want to improve their website with expert help):

  • We help figure out how best to “Storytell” on your website
  • We sit down and strategize how you can use your website as part of your sales tool
  • We help you create a sick design around your We help you create a sick design around it
  • And last but not least we help you figure out how you can tell entertaining but informational stories that eventually get people to your front door. 

What Can I Do Next?

  1. Get our free Website Audit! This is an offer that we have for people like you, who are on the fence. Basically, we’ll go through your existing website and point out how we can improve it…in a video! Words, by words…Section by sections. Just between me and you, so nobody will know the trade secrets that I’ll share in that video. 
  2. Get in touch with us. If you’re serious in getting a website overhaul, and needed a good reputable partner, book a meeting with us. We’ll meet up (f2f or virtually)…Chat about the weather,  go through your website and talk about how we can help. 

Talk soon!

Fitri Joroji

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