How to write a GOOD headline on your website


First, thanks for support you guys gave for the previous articles.

Here’s another one that I thought I’d share with all you…Especially you! fellow business owners.

When I first started, this was the copy that I wrote as the headline on my website

“Delivering Custom Web Solutions for your needs”

Sounds fancy, isn’t it?

Well, it does….. just that it DOESN’T work…

Come on, you can be honest with me…What does delivering custom web solutions even mean?

Argghhh… how stupid I was

Till today, my partner still makes fun of me because of that. 

Now, let me explain to you why it doesn’t work. 

You see, it has everything to do with the way the brain works.

No alt text provided for this image

“The brain’s main function is to Survive & Thrive” – Donald Miller

  • Survive: do things so that we don’t die (food, shelter)
  • Thrive: increase social status (wealth, longevity)

So, when it comes to writing copy on the website, this means that whatever information you put/write out there has to either:

  1. Help the reader survive (ie. get food, make money or shelter)
  2. Thrive (higher social status, get better partners etc)

Otherwise, people will tune out.

In my case, I was writing a headline that nobody understands!

So, after realizing that…I rewrote the headline: 

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Get A Website That Works

We help business owners build a high-converting website that turns visitors into potential clients! 

 Very straightforward, but we were seeing positive results!

  • People we spending 20% longer time on our website
  • We were getting leads from the website..People were actually filling up our forms
  • And….our business starts growing!

Funny thing is, this does not only on my website, when people ask me what I do, I tell them our headline!

We help business owners build a high-converting website that turns visitors into potential clients! 

Works all the time!!!

So how can you improve your headline?

Here’s a simple test. 

Show your website to a complete stranger and if they can’t answer these 3, time to change your headline:

  1. What is this website selling
  2. Who is it for and how can we benefit from it?
  3. What is the next action to take if I’m interested?

Take a look at some of these examples:

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

 Do you see a common thread?

They all answered the 3 questions…very damn well

So if you find yourself using fancy words that nobody understands, please please PLEASE…

Change it to something like in the pictures above…Otherwise, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with the right headline, you can hit me up, We’ll go through your website and tell you how you can write headlines that work!

**See what I just did there??** Hihi


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