7 Ways Your Website Can Be Profitable For Your Business

So you wanna learn how to have a website that makes you money? Well, this article is for you!

Errr…..now before you start getting crazy, let me step you back into the reality of building a website that works. 

The Mindset You Need

I don’t blame you if you think your website is just….. a website.

In fact, that was me when I first started my website development agency journey 4 years ago. 

I didn’t know that building a great website is an ongoing, long-term process. 

You started off thinking, “Nah, I just need something up on my domain

And because of that, you ended up either (i) doing the site yourself or you (ii) hired a freelancer to build a basic website for your business.

If you’ve done those 2, I’ll show you how you can really take it to the next level!


….let’s get right to it.

Website Strategy #1: Using Landing Pages to Get Leads

Unlike the usual website page, landing pages are different…

It has ONE and only one goal…To get your visitors to take action. This can be:

  • Downloading A Free Resources
  • Optin In for a webinar
  • Scheduling for A Call

Or whatever it is… 

You see, the mistake that most website owners do is the market directly to their homepage, asking people to visit their website and do nothing.

While this may work about 10 years ago, it doesn’t work today…Let me tell you why

People don’t have the time to “Check You Out” and see whether your solution is for them.

They’re always asking “What’s In For Me?”

So you need to bribe them to get to your page…and my friend, you do that with a landing page.

Website Strategy #2: Using Your Website As Your Content Hub

The advantage of using your website to “house” all your content marketing effort is very clear

You OWN the platform…

How many times, have we seen social media platforms changed their algorithm and wiped off all the good effort that you build?

We’ve seen it happening with Facebook Page, Instagram and now even to a certain extent, LinkedIn.

My friend, if you love writing or making videos, write them on your website. 

…Build a resource section on your website where you store a copy of your content. 

You may not see the results instantly but when you have “out-content” everybody in your space, you’ll see people starting reading more and more of your stuff.

…and what better way to do that other than at your website

Website Strategy #3: Showing Your Credibility To Solve A Problem

This goes to all you, service-based business owners out there…

What better way to back up all the claims you make in your content marketing efforts other than having the proof shown at your website?

How many times you have someone on a stage, making all the too good to be true claims and while that person was talking….you decided to google about them and investigate whether that is true?

All the time…right???

So one way you can back these claims is by SHOWCASING these success stories on your website.

The case studies, the video testimonials the end product are the stuff that you can put on your website to help build this.

Website Strategy #4: Qualifying Your Prospects So You Don’t Chase After People Who Can’t Pay You

This was something that I never really thought of back then…

At one point, after years of doing marketing, you will have a lot of people hitting you up…

All a sudden you have the world wanting to sit down with you and buy you coffee…

It’s not that you don’t want to but…you know how valuable your time is

…and because of that, you only want to entertain people who value your time too

So, what if you can filter these guys out via your website? What if you can place a bunch of questions to filter out these time-suckers out of your business?

It would be amazing right?

Website Strategy #5: Sharing Your Presentation Materials On Your Website

I’m pretty sure I’m talking to a few speakers and trainers here. 

If you are one of them, let me ask you… How often do you hear your audience asking whether they can get a copy of your presentation slides?

All the time right?

Now, imagine being able to get their contact details and be able to follow up consistently with these people.

Do you think you’ll be able to build an audience outside your training gig? Heck yes…

Website Strategy #5: Recruiting Agents/Affiliates to Blow Up Your Business

For e-commerce websites, this is one of the ways you can 10X your store.

With an affiliate system in place, you can do wonders!

…You can recruit more agents

….You can expand internationally

…..You can do more partnerships with other businesses!

Though the implementation can be a costly thing, it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about blowing up your store.

(not literally..hahah)

Website Strategy #6: Using Your Site As Your Customer Service Representative

Some of you guys who have a complicated product, what if you can create a section that contains all the how to’s about your product?

How much time (and headache) you think you are going to save when you have this system in place?

Why do you think big brands have an FAQ section on their websites?

Don’t you think they want to save their time as well?

You bet…

Website Strategy #7: Using Your Website As The System That You Can Sell For Millions

I can’t stress this enough, but we live in an era where people feed on data.

The best companies in the world, they have figured a platform for them to collect data at a massive scale

and turn that data into something profitable

Imagine if you have a website that collects data on a daily basis and does that almost automatically? What do you think you can do with it?

Create a new product? Sell it for Millions?

I don’t know… that’s totally up to you!

In conclusion, I hope this article sparks some thoughts in you and makes you start thinking of ways you can use your website as a tool that works for your business. So many times, I hear stories of business owners spending thousands on their website and have it just sit there for years, doing no good to their business.


(P/S: If you’d like my company to help you out with creating a profitable website, you can drop me a message on Linkedin or schedule an appointment with us at www.websiteartisan.co )

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