Not Sure Whether You Need A Website? Read This

I’ll try to keep this article as short as possible.


At the end of this, I want you to understand that there’s only one thing deciding factor when it comes to whether or not, your business needs a website


If you have found a way to sell your product or services, then getting a website makes sense


Often times, we see:

  • New business owners who have just set up their business, spend so much money on website talking about products that they’re unsure people will buy or not
  • Startup people spending tens of thousands creating a mobile application for a solution that they have not pushed to the market yet


And then, they blamed everybody because they’ve spent so many on setting up the business


Guys, I’m going to save you a lot of thousands.


If you’ve never sold your product or are unsure who would buy your service, you will need FIRST to understand how to best position YOUR product OR SERVICE


Only then, you should proceed with getting a website

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