5 Mistakes You Are Currently Doing On Website in 2021 (…That Are Causing You Potential Customers)

These simple changes can dramatically lead to more appointment booked and more enquiries (if you take the time to fix them.)

What’s up everybody? Fitri Joroji here.

We’re going to break down the 5 very COMMON businesses still do on their website that’s pushing away potential customers on the website.

“Its so important to get your website right these days especially when the large majority of people is looking for solutions online.”

Shall we?

1.Not having a clickable phone number or CTA at top right of the website

One thing you have to know is that there are 2 types of people who visit your website:

  1. The “Ready to buy” people
  2. The “I’m just looking around” type of people

So without a clear button on the top right corner, you are making it difficult for the group 1 type of people to get in touch with you.

But fitri….we have a Contact Us Page. They’ll know how where to contact us”

Wrong. They will not be bother to look.

The Remedy?
Add a clickable button at the top right. If its “A phone number”, make sure the button is obvious and triggers a phone call when clicked

2. No Clear Call To Action At Your Hero Section

This is another very common mistake. Not having any button there to lead your audience.

Let me paint this analogy into your head.

Imagine yourself having a physical boutique store.

…and one day, someone walks in.

And as that person walks into the store, instead of greeting them and showing them the latest boutique design, you just stood there…

Behind the counter…With a plain face.

What do you think its going to happen? They turn around and leave.

The Remedy?
Place a call to action button at the place I highlighted earlier:
(Call Us Today)
(Book Appointment)
(Schedule Your Session)

3. Not Secured Prompt By Google

Having this issue is like Google telling people not to go into your store.

No customer at all..

The Remedy?
Renew your SSL cert (Its Free). Tell your agency/hosting company to do it for you and they should be able to do that in less than 5 mins
Upgrade Your Action
Learn how to improve your website with a complete website audit for your business. We go through your positioning, your user friendliness and share with you a few strategies on how you can use your website as a revenue generating machine for your business!

4. Headline That Is Too General/Clever

You see, most of us think that our customers see our business in the same way that we do.

But, the truth is…9/10 they dont.

Take a look at this example below:

Do you know what the business is selling? I bet you don’t…

So here’s how you fix it

The Remedy?
Here’s a simple formula we use for our clients to get headlines that gets people to want to click your CTA

1. Headline: Explain what value you bring to your customers
2. Subheadline: Explain how you are delivering the value


Headline: Become a Master At 4X4 Offroading
Subheadline: Our 3-day workshop guides you through the basic of 4X4 Offroading from mental and physical aspects. Only 50 slots available.
CTA: Secure My Seat!

Last but not least…

5. Hero Photo that is not credible

Big differentiator between a website that gets you the customer….and a website that don’t.

If you’re struggling with people enquiring on your website, chances are you are using photos that are sabotaging your “Trust Factor”

Take a look at this example below:

What do you think?? You feel funny in your stomach right?

The Remedy?

Use these sort of photos:
1. Your product in action
2. Your Service in action
3. Your happy customers
4. End product of your service

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