About US

We aim to provide a more scalable approach towards building tech products.

The world is becoming more and more software dependent. Our goal is to help as many startups as possible to build technologies that can change the world.

Low Upfront Investment

Low Upfront Investment

With our monthly subscription fee, building an app or web should is no longer an expensive affair


Flexible Subscription

Jump into maintenance mode once you have done building and we will not bill you for development

Rapid Dev

Rapid Development

Get you minimum viable product ready as fast as 2 weeks. Save time.

Progressive Approach

Progressive Approach

Our agile approach ensures that you don’t waste unnecessary resources into building your app


Project Management

Keep track of the progress of your app from our dashboard and interact with your developer

Why No Code

With no-code approach, you will be able to Ship product faster and more efficiently

With the power of no-code solutions, you can launch products 10x faster and 10x more affordably.

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