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Our no code approach involves a propietary AI-driven programming plus design automation. This process allows us to build digital products at a rapid pace. Hence, we are able to help you get to market faster and without the hassle of hiring a traditional agency.

With our no-code approach, we are able to build:

  • Appointment Mobile App
  • CRMs
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • E-commerce Marketplaces
  • Listing Directories
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • UI/UX Work
  • Automation Work

Feel free to schedule a consultation call to see if your idea is feasible.

Yes, it’s safe. No code development provides a strong level of security. 

Best part, no code technology is optimized for scale. With the ability to upgrade server capacity, your no code apps can support a growing number of users virtually without limits. Most no code tools provide analytics to monitor growth and scale capacity when required.

Regarding features and limitations, you can build almost anything with no code. The scalability and integratibility of the solutions are endless.

During the consultation, we will assess the feasibility of executing your project via no-code development. 

You will be able to understand what tools will it take. How to best approach it, the best packages you need and what to do next.

After subscribing you get developer who will work on your tasks. For instance, it takes a no-code developer around 3-5 weeks to create a mobile app, 1-2 weeks to build a web app, and a few days to create landing pages and automation

A dedicated developer means that you will get a full-time employee who will implement tasks for you. This person will be interacting with you on our project management system. 

Yes. To set up the no code tools that we will use, we will need login and password information for the relevant apps. For your safety, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and password information is handled with robust security measures on our side. You can always change the passwords once our work is done.

Yes! Our Support plan is the perfect solution for you. Developer will work on a part-time basis for improvement of existed project.

Roadmap is an personally-created guide by our no-code consultant. With our Product Plan, you will have access to our product manager.

Our product manager will suggest the best way to approach your product. ie. What sort of MVP you need, What sort of functionalities, and how long will it take to execute.


Without the product manager’s help, we would expect the client to already have a roadmap in place so our developers can help execute on the project from the get go.

Everything your developer creates is your intellectual property and yes, we always sign an NDA.

You can get started by clicking schedule a consultation button at the top right corner and our no-code consultant will speak to you

You can request for our RM1500 1 week trial and we’ll build you an MVP that you’ll decide by yourself if its worth pursuing. We can tell you it will be worth it.

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